Friday, September 19, 2008


I got Wall E a few months back but couldn't find EVE. Months passed and I forgot to look for her and then one day I just decided to check Amazon and I found one! So I ordered it. Finally, Wall E won't be alone anymore! But then the shipment kept getting delayed until I got an email asking if I wanted to cancel it. I said no. Then they sent me the delay, want to cancel message again. Again, I said no. At this point I was worried that I may never get it and poor Wall E will be alone forever, but I didn't want to give it up. So finally after months of waiting, EVE finally arrived! And I couldn't be more happier! I have bought Wall E and EVE together! I'm totally geeking out over them! It's actually really cute to see them interact together, it's like they're actually happy to be together!

"A bunny dream"

I drew this drawing about week or two ago. I was having trouble sleeping so I decided to be productive and draw something. I didn't plan it I just put my pen on the paper and let whatever come out. The result, a naked chick in water breathing out a bunny spirit while a spiky eel swims around her torso. Like I said, I let whatever out. I usually do not draw my women nude unless it's for figure drawing. I've been drawing my cute Skull Bunnies comic for a while and I guess I wanted something less cute. I wouldn't care this image sexy, and I doubt it even arouses anyone.
Anyways I didn't know what to do with it, except maybe slap it in my next sketch book to sell, like all the rest of my chick drawings that have nothing to do with my comics. But I wanted to do something. So I colored it and made it a "print" and gave it to my friend Sandra for her birthday. She's the only one I know who likes art and I'd figure she would appreciate it more than anyone I knew. So happy birthday Sandra! In the print I gave Sandra I removed the eel, I think it looks more calm and serene. Overall the colors came out pretty nice. I was worried cuz I do not work with photoshop and I haven't touched photoshop since June! I was fumbling all over when I first started it back up again. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my naked chick in the water.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Welcome to Tomales Bay Oyster farm, located in Marshal California! Honestly, before Saturday, I was not a big fan of oysters, they're just so slimy. But now I know slimly is good, real goood~ Here are some of the pics from that awesome day.

It was a gorgeous day at Tomales Bay!

Boon striking his sexy pose, or just keeping his hand elevated b/c his clumpsy ass got himself cut up!
No seriously, poor Boon. This one goes out to you man:

The operating table.

Master Chief Hobart, the mastermind of all this Oyster goodness!
OYSTERS!!!!! Come get some!

Ahhh yeeeeeah! MmmmmM! This is what awesomeness looks like when you cook it!

Boon giving us a preview of the gun show. Kampol proving why he's Thailand's next top model. Igede, checking out all the pics of the hot chicks he took, but looking kinda disappointed...
and Oz demands more food

"LaMer, I want more food!"

"Oh man, I've been grilling shit all day, I need a rest..."

Serv taking in the beauty of Tomales Bay...

"ah, it's so beeuuutiful! "

Then Suddenly...

"I'm Ozzadyah funmonger and this is my beach! You best step off LaMer!"

"Bring it Oz, you going down!"

And afterwards...

Serv and Oz, sharing a tender moment together on the beach... The magic of Oysters, go oyster power!

What up dawg, I'm a girl dog named Toby, got a problem with that?

meow-me- meow -me-meow-



The show down between the boss cat of Tomales Bay and the girl dog named Toby....
Ended peacefully as well, in fact i think they're dating now. Hopefully it all works out.

Behold, the awesomeness of the coolest kids at EA. Eat ur hearts out Dawson's Creek!

Little foxes waiting for us to clear out, or they're going to try to eat Oz.

I was sad that it was over, especially since I didn't get any pics of Jason Kim's SUPER AWESOME CHEESE STUFFED BURGERS, which is not a surprised cuz they're devoured before you can ever taken a pic of them, and its the only burger Big foot ever eats! BEST BURGER EVER!!! Oh yeah then oysters were good too!

Big THANKS to Hobart for organizing this muy bien get together!


Here are some pics from My friends DUCKY art show on 9.5.08 @ the D-Structure gallery in Haight in San Francisco. It was a great night of art, friends and free booze in the hottest place in town, literally, it was fucking hot up in there!

Nigel's epic art prints!!!! DUCK LIFE!

Martin's work hogging up all the wall space.

More of Martins work, closer up.

Some awesome art from the DUCK show.

Here's Martin and no, that is not a tiny mirror.

Me and Niggizzle the artist formly known as Nigel. Word.

Me and the Oz looking suspicious...

Me and the MASato! Don't be fooled people, this guy is a professional model for abercrombie and fitch~ And those fingers in the back belong to Sandra, I think...

Very nice Derek Wong.

Group art show at Fabric8 and Neon Monster!

Wow it's been a while since I last updated this Blog! Here are some pics of my work from a Group art showed titled 2d/3d put together Fabric8 and Neon Monster, 2 art galleries/stores in the mission district of San Francisco. The theme of the show was to pair a 2d piece of art with a 3d piece.

This my 2d/3d piece at Neon Monster. The demon figure was a new sculpture made specifically for the show. I'm kinda happy on how it turnout. It was incredibly challenging to get it to wrap around and stay still on the skull bunny head. Casting it and removing it from the mold is still a bitch!!!

Some of the 2d/3d pieces at Neon Monster.

Skull Bunny comics, get yours before they're all sold out!

Boon, Hobart, and Serv, knows great art when they see it!

Oz, Igede, and Sherwin checking out the goods at Neon Monster

My Eda-munny 2d/3d piece at Fabric8.

Sherwin in front of the fine pieces of art displayed at the hip and cozy Fabric8 store and gallery!

Jon from Neon Monster and Olivia from Fabric8!!!

This Jake from Neon Monster.

I would like to thank all my Olivia, Jacob, John and Ben Collision for inviting me to be part of this amazing art show! And to all my friends who showed up! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Here's the finished giant skull bunny at San Diego Comic Con 2008. I wish I can take it with me around the world and take pictures of it at famous land marks.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I have to admit, I am my own worst enemy. I had a whole month to work on stuff for SD comic Con this year and I didn't get started till 4 days before going to San Diego. Knowing I had screwed myself in the "quantity of stuff to sell department", I decided to focus on how I was just going to attract people to my booth instead. So I decided to make a big ass Skull bunny. I had to figure out how though, and the only logical thing was to do it from paper meche. I remembered getting a pinata for my friend Nae Nae for her "going away party" and how big that sucker was and figured from its production quality it couldn't be that hard to do. At first I under estimated the nessessity of have the proper ingridents to make the paper mache paste. I used left over wheat flour instead of just flour, and I mixed it with 2 cups of water, and it looked and worked like shit. I finally found a really good paper mache recipe, so good I will share it wiht you:

The bombest paper mache paste recipe:

You will need:
-1/2 cup flour
-2 cups water
-2 cups boiling water
-3 tsp sugar

1) Mix 1/2 cup water with 2 cups water.
2) Mix the above with 2 cups boiling water and then continue to boil the entire mix
3) Mix in 3 tsp of sugar while above mix is still boiling
4) Once mix has boiled, turn off heat and let it sit, be sure to stir the mix now and then.
5) once the mix has cooled down you can now congratulate yourself for being the proud owner of the bombest paper mache paste ever.

I just got back from the SD Comic Con last night. Comic Con went a lot better for me than I expected. There were lots of people who seemed to enjoy my skull bunny comics, but were not able to bring themselves to actually purchasing one of my skull bunny figures, the adoption fee was too pricey. I think $20.00 for a hand made figure is reasonable if you consider all the time and effort it took the artist to make them. But that is the problem, most people do not understand that fact, which I do not blame them, since there is so much awesomeness at comic con that you really have to ration out your money as carefully as you can. I'm going to have to figure out a way to make these skull bunnies more affordable. Aside from how I did at comic con, it was really meeting the other artist around me that made it all worth while. I was fortunate to have great people and artist on both sides of my table and even across the way.

Well now that I am back from SDCC, I am going to try to finish Henagi the Ninja Girl issue 2, another Usagi Jane adventure whose work in progress title will be "Dias de muertos", along with prints and t shirts.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here's comic I made as a homage to an online comic called "Kawaii not" and to decribe how I felt a few weeks ago. Actually I still feel this way every morning. Is it because I'm getting older? Hmm, no, come to think of it, waking up has always sucked. Maybe it's because when I was a child waking up was always so sudden. Being bossed around to eat this, wear that, go there, get in here, was all that urgency immediately after waking up really that necessary, at age 5? Oh, and I never liked that whole going to school thing. But now that I'm currently unemployed, I don't wake up as early or as urgently ether, yet I still feel like shit. To be honest, I love to sleep in, but not all the time, I much rather be able to take advantage of all the time I can get in a day. So far I felt like I have not been as productive as I know I can be. And as much as I would like to be super productive, I've been finding myself unable to stay in my apartment long enough to do that, instead I am wandering around outside walking up and down Berkeley with no real idea of where I'm gong or what I'm doing. Ironically, I just think of all the things I wish I was being productive at. As soon as I walk out the door, I think about the comics I want to write and draw, the images I want to paint, the toys I want to make, all that stuff, and when I finally come home later after walking around 2-3 hours I'm totally exhausted. It has been like this for nearly a month now. Good news though, I have been able to sit down and work on some things. Which is the reason why I have started this blog, that is to record my productive progress. So hopefully, I will be posting new images and thinking out my ideas here. I'm very excited. For anyone who will be reading this, I hope you enjoy my retarded ranting, and in return I ask you to please don't steal my ideas! Thanks!