Tuesday, July 28, 2009

*above the clouds*

Here's more concept art for my latest comic idea inspired by the steam punk theme. I had a very tough time trying to come up with the name of my story. I was riding a plane back from sdcc 09 and looked out the window thinking about my new idea and was in awe to see that we were above the clouds, then it hit me that that should be the title to my latest story! So there you have it folks, thats the title to my newest comic idea! Well at least a working title for now.

Hopefully I'll update this blogg wiht a color version of this image soon.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mecha Skullbunny print

Here's a quick print i want to make. Not sure if It'll be ready for SDCC 09 :(

Monday, July 6, 2009


To compare the size of Mecha SkullBunny on the left to the original SkullBunny figure.

This is "battle mode offine" Mecha SkullBunny. Creating the side plates are by far the most challenging thing and will probably the last thing I will be trying to tweak. >_<

These are the standard issue missile launchers. Just because they're standard doesn't mean they're not chalked full of "Kaiju whoop ass".

These's are the "Emmy Rockets", b/c my friend Emmy suggested I make these. These rockets are the strongest ammo Mecha SkullBunny has eqiuped. They're 24 rockets loaded with "OhF*uckMe,WhyDidIEverMessWithMechaSkullBunny?" goodness.

Mecha SkullBunny VS. Gargamel's Zag!
(Yes, Pete, that's your Zag I've yet to paint! I'm SO SORRY! I'll do it soon, I promise!)

Here's a prototype of my Mecha SkullBunny the way I've always imagined it as a toy! I'm working feverishy to try to get it available to sale at the San Diego Comic Con 2009. If it's not ready then, it'll be ready soon after!